Smarter. Faster. Better.
PowerShark EQR 1.6 is out.

Current. Includes all latest FERC XML schema and lookup data changes.
Better. Improved navigation between Contracts and associated Products and Transactions.
Faster. Fully validates an EQR with 750,000 transactions in about 3.5 minutes.
Smarter. Automatic migration of settings from prior versions.

Built to make
filing EQRs easier.

Whether preparing, filing or researching,
PowerShark EQR is designed with usability in mind
to make preparing, validating and submitting
Electronic Quarterly Reports easier than ever.

EQR filings
as low as $295.

You can have the best software to file EQRs for one very affordable price.
Talk today with our sales team to learn more about the HOSTED or ENTERPRISE options.

EQR Viewer.

Easy. Open and browse any EQR in a friendly interface.
Powerful. EQR data are completely filterable and searchable.
Optimized. Tested with more than 4,000,000 transactions at once.
Portable. Easy install ... and no database or server requirements.

Find out why PowerShark EQR is the leading EQR software solution.

PowerShark EQR is easy to use, requires minimal software set up and configuration, and is 100% FERC-compliant, thus assuring valid EQR filings. PowerShark EQR scales to any size company without compromising on functionality or performance.

FERC Compliant

PowerShark EQR generated filings are 100% compliant with latest FERC rules and regulations. Our expert team works tirelessly to stay on top of FERC changes and issues timely software updates.

Easy to Use

PowerShark EQR user interface is friendly and easy to navigate, even for users who have never seen it before. Existing EQR filing processes can be maintained or improved with variety of fast-performing built-in tools that reduce the need for manual and labor-intensive work.

Powerful Grids

We eliminated the need to use Microsoft Excel to prepare EQR data and filings! PowerShark EQR allows you to manage the EQR data with extremely powerful grids that are responsive, customizable and provide valuable EQR-specific tools for sorting, filtering and highlighting.

Powerful Data Validation

PowerShark EQR contains the exclusive Validation Module which provides thorough data validations, meeting or exceeding all FERC criteria. Filings are guaranteed to satisfy business and technical requirements and validation applies FERC audit screens even before FERC does.

Fully Supported

Our expert, U.S.-based technical support team works when you work and provides timely assistance even under tight time constraints. In addition, PowerShark EQR is fully documented and training videos are available.

Centralized Database

PowerShark EQR is designed from the ground up with ease of use, performance and efficiency in mind. Data are stored in centralized database that supports multiple users working on same set of data. The database can support millions of EQR transactions processed in each EQR while remaining responsive.

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Working with you [the PowerShark EQR Support Team] on the project has made a somewhat daunting task easier and even, at times, enjoyable.

PowerShark EQR user from Indianapolis, IN

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PowerShark EQR Update – Release 1.6

PowerShark EQR Release 1.6 Available Now

Links Technology Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce the immediate availability of PowerShark EQR Release 1.6. Beyond the addition of new features and performance gains, this software update aligns PowerShark EQR with FERC EQR releases 3.6 through 3.8. The release is freely available to existing customers at no additional cost. Upgrade today to gain all these benefits.

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